Cold Sores......

When I feel that tingly, I know a cold sore is imminent. The dreaded nasty sore that appears on my lip for everyone to see. I know the feeling all too well. I've suffered from cold sores from the age of 9. As a kid, I was not told to beware of sharing my drinks with others. I grew up in an age where so much more was acceptable and less warning labels all over EVERYTHING.

Aging into my teen years only amplified the relentless breakouts. With hormones raging and teenage stress levels at an all time high, I was traumatized by having a cold sore on my lips every month. The more I had, the more they spread.

Moving into adulthood wasn't any better. There is nothing worse than going to work and being in the public view with that big nasty sore on my face. And dating....... wasn't that fun.

What was a person to do........?

I purchased countless tubes of $17 Abreva............. NOTHING!!!!

I went to the doctor and got prescription medications......... NOTHING!!!!!

It was during my 40th year of life and living with cold sores for 31 years, my dentist told me of a CURE!!!! What? A cure? I was told there was no cure. He proceeded to tell me that he cannot call it a cure, but told me that IT WORKS!

My dentist explained to me that the pharmaceutical companies wouldn't make millions if they told you how to kill the herpes virus. So, I am going to pass on this amazing secret on to you.

1) go to your local grocery store and buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol (usually costs about $1)

2) soak a cotton ball with the alcohol

3) This part is going to HURT.......scrub the site of tingling or the breakout with the soaked cotton ball

4) Repeat 3-4 times a day till you believe it is either not going to appear, or the wound starts to dry and heal. For me, this took 1-2 days.

That it. For a $1 bottle of rubbing alcohol, I have been able to rid myself of cold sores. Every spot that broke out, I treated this way and I've never had another cold sore in the same spot again.

Now, it has been almost a year without a single breakout. I believe the advice from my dentist has made more difference than any product I've purchased over the years.

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