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Forms of CBD and How to NOT Get Scammed By Fake Products

There is a lot of information to take on board when delving into the world of CBD and your endocannibinoid system. The more you know, the less likely you will be scammed.

For instance, you will be seeing a lot more information about another compound apart from CBD. CBN, CBC, CBG, CBDa and CBDV are some of those to take into account.

Lets discuss CBDa first. While it comes from the hemp plant, same as CBD, the two cannibinoids are very different. Understanding both CBD and CBDa of cannabinoid compounds is very important and what these compounds are in relation to each other. CBDa is what's known as the acidic precursor to the better known CBD. These natural cannabinoids found in their acidic form are ‘inactive’ and so has little benefit to the body.

While CBD and CBDa have very similar properties, CBD is the active form and CBDa is the inactive form. When making your purchase, ask your supplier if you can see their third party testing COA results. This certification verifies the compounds found in the products they sell. If the COA says there is CBDa at 30%, compare this to the product label and ask them how much is the active form and how much is the inactive form that you are paying for. Chances are, you are also paying for the inactive form.

There isn’t an abundance of research on cannabidivarin out there. However, scientists are conducting studies on the cannabinoid’s anticonvulsant abilities. CBDV has been able to treat nausea and seizures from debilitating conditions like epilepsy according to multiple studies. There is also evidence of its ability to relieve nausea. A study from 2013 found CBDV “significantly decreased PTZ-induced seizure severity and increased latency to the first sign of seizure.” The authors concluded that “these results provide the first molecular confirmation of behaviourally observed effects of the non-psychoactive, anticonvulsant cannabinoid, CBDV, upon chemically-induced seizures and serve to underscore its suitability for clinical development.”

CBC, CBN and CBG are great carrier molecules. Studies have shown that they create an entourage effects when taking CBD oil. These molecules, much like Terpenes, help the CBD travel through the body.

Herbal Amy always has her 3rd Party COA testing data available to show you that her CBD products contain 99.47% active CBD and 0.31% CBDV. The remaining 0.22% are other molecules too minuscule to test.

With Herbal Amy, what you see is what you get!!! Why should you pay for something that isn't going to be beneficial to you? You shouldn't!!!!