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Herbal Amy

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Animal Health

Herbal Amy has added a new line of pet products. When your 4 legged family member needs care, there is nothing you won't do to make them better. We feel the same. That is why we have added these products for you.


Joint Care

Senior Care

Daily Digestion

Urinary Support

Each product is made with the highest quality of herbs and safe for your pets. These products were originally tinctures I made for my pets' health. We found them to be very effective and so we decided to make them accessible to everyone.

Would you like to know more about our pets?

My family has always had animals. We bring them into our lives and our hearts. They become family. In 2009, I started my browsing photos on the local animal shelters website and found a picture of Scout. I fell in love and just had to adopt this cutie.

Scout was immediately welcomed with love and affection. He integrated very well with out active lifestyle. Scout had so much character and enthusiasm for life and trips by-by.

Over the next year, we realized we still had room in our home and our hearts for the adoption of another shelter dog. I went to work on our search for a soul in need of love. I found Maggie. She was in a small cage without a whole lot of room to move. We took her into a play room where we could introduce her to Scout and see how they got along. Maggie wanted nothing to do with Scout or us. She would not look us in the eyes and didn't want us to pet her. My heart was hurting. Something terrible must have happened to her.

I couldn't walk away. I know that she could open up and accept love, if only given the time and effort. We adopted her.

Our first days home, I walked her around our unfenced yard showing her the boundaries. We live on more than 2.5 acres, so there was room to run and play. The first time we let her off leash, she immediately ran away. We had to chase her down and corner her on another persons porch. We installed an invisible fence and did all the training explained in the pamphlet. For the following few weeks, we had to take Maggie outside on a long leash. The training worked and she didn't leave the property after that.

6 months later Maggie still didn't want anything to do with us. She did not seek attention, walked away when we tired to pet her, and would rarely be in the same room with us. My heart was aching over what she must have gone through. With all the patience we could muster, we continued showing her love and affection.

Fast forward one year later....... Maggie lays her head in my lap and shyly looks up at me. I pet her soft fur and scratch gently behind her ears as tears stream down my face. We made a breakthrough. She sought out attention and love.

Today, Maggie is an attention hound. She jumps into my lap, all 55 lbs of her. She greets visitors at the door with her tail frantically wagging and her right up and pawing at the air, her way of saying "pet me!"

When Scout started having joint problems, I was crushed. My poor baby was in pain and I wanted to do whatever was necessary to alleviate that pain. I spent an entire winter researching safe herbal remedies for dogs and cats. I found so much wonderful information that I decided to create a joint tincture for Scout.

For those of you with a spayed female dog, you may have experienced leaky bladders. When Maggie started having problems, I developed a tincture to help strengthen and tone her urethra and stop the leaking.

There is nothing I won't do to help comfort my pets. They are family! From there I chose to develop a whole line of wonderful pet products for other to use. Its my way of saying you and your pets are family to me.


Herbal Amy